Pet Odor and Stain Removal Services

Pet Stain & Odor Removal Services

Life is richer when you have pets around the house; it's also a lot more challenging since it's only a matter of time until your pets will have some nasty incidents in the place. You care deeply about your pets, so dealing with pets accidents frustrates you as you don't want to lose comfort because of your furry friends. You soon avoid having friends over as once your pet has an incident, it will come back over and over again to the same place. You try to remove and clean the stains, but pet odors and stains are some of the most difficult to remove. Not only that you don't have the professional supplies or tools, but you also lack the methods that give the best results.

It's complicated when the pet accidents happen on highly absorbent surfaces such as upholstered furniture, oriental area rugs, or valuable carpets. On top of everything else, the repetitive pet incidents pose a risk for your health due to bacteria overgrowth.

You won't have another solution but to hire the professionals, and you should hire the company aiming for the highest standards in cleaning, Carpet Cleaning Fairfield, CA.

Understanding our clients' needs and wishes is one of the many reasons that made us stand out from other cleaning companies. We know that you care about your pets and the comfort in your home, so we make all efforts to address both. Unattractive smells from pet incidents will set deeply in upholstery and carpets, especially since your pet will come back to that place every time he has the chance. Until you eradicate the smell and stain, your pet will always go back to the "crime place." At Carpet Cleaning Fairfield, we have the procedures, supplies, and skills to make you love your pet 100% again, and invite family and friends as soon as we're done.

Our Pet Odor Removal and Stain Removal Process

We don't aim to hide the unpleasant pet smells for some time; we strive to remove them for good so that your pet doesn't return to the stained area and strengthens his habit. Our skills, dedication, and knowledge pushed us to obtain the highest standards when managing pet stains and odors:

Step 1: Identify Problem Areas using Black Light Detection

When you're dealing with pet stains and odor, you need to find all the tiny spots that your pet caused. It would help if you had special tools for that, so we use black light for identifying all areas damaged by little incidents of your pet. Blacklight is the most efficient tool for this step, as it will make the dried salts in the pet urine be visible (glow). Once we use a black light, we will see all areas damaged by pet urine to continue with our cleaning protocol.

pet odor and stain removal service

Step 2: We Use a Protein-digesting Solution for Pre-treatment

It's not enough to know where your pet had his little accidents. We will continue the cleaning process by applying a particular solution. The solution will pre-treat the stains on upholstery and carpets without damaging the upholstery's delicate fabric, area rugs.

Step 3: Pet Odor and Stain Removal from carpets, rug and upholstery using Special Enzyme Cleaners

We are focused on eliminating all spots and pet odor from every piece of furniture or carpets affected by your pet's incidents. Our protocol continues with the utilization of an enzyme cleaner. It will work on a microscopic level as it can destroy, digest, and clearing any pet stains or stains. As we've mentioned, we don't wish to hide the smell but remove it forever. Our process will vanish the bacteria causing the foul odors, which translates to complete elimination of pet odors and stains.

Challenging Cases

When you're not addressing pet stains and smells in time, they will set in deeply into the carpet's backing, reaching to padding and floor. In such cases, more complicated techniques have to be used for a positive outcome. As we always try to get the best results, we will use deep extraction techniques for solving the most difficult pet stains and odors.

Our carpet-cleaner technicians will come and pick-up the damaged carpets for thorough cleaning. They have the skills for replacing the tack strips and pad without skipping the underside of your rug. The professionals in our team will also manage the carpet installation after the cleaning process is completed.

Quality Pet Odor and Pet Stain Removal from Fairfield Carpet Cleaning

Your Home Can Be Pleasant & Fresh-Smelling Again

When dealing with pet stains and odors for too long, you should contact our team at Carpet Cleaning Fairfield. We love our pets for their cuteness, so you should be able to show them off to your friends and family whenever you feel like it. Our carpet cleaning professionals will eliminate pet stains and odors forever from carpets, upholstered furniture, or rugs; you need to give them a call. We live in stressful times, and you will be able to cut out the worry of pet stains and odors from that list.

We wish to feel comfortable at home, and you shouldn't feel anything less than that even if you have pets. Life can be less stressful, and your house is welcoming, even if you have pets. Carpet Cleaning Fairfield provides pet odor and stain removal services for customers with pets, helping you feel cozy and pleasant while petting your furry friend.

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