Area Rug Cleaning Services

Our professional rug cleaning services

At Carpet Cleaning Fairfield, CA,  our highly-skilled technicians will perform rug cleaning services at the highest standards for your area rugs, no matter the fabrics, style, or structure. Our technicians will manage both handmade and machine-made rugs and family pieces made with expensive materials, leaving them clean and in perfect shape. The cleaning procedures we use clean your valuable rugs without impacting the structure, fabrics, styles, or colors in any way. Your rugs will look impeccable every time.

Our experienced rug cleaning professionals will take and proceed with cleaning your rugs at our modern cleaning establishment at Fairfield, CA. The rug cleaning protocol compasses several steps, in which we will use only the most effective equipment, supplies, and tools to clean your oriental rugs carefully.

You shouldn't worry about the integrity of your precious rugs for just one bit; our technicians at Carpet Cleaning Fairfield know very well how to handle the most loved and fragile fabrics. Persian, oriental, heirloom pieces, handmade or manmade rugs- we will take care of all with the utmost attention. Our professionals have the skills, tools, and knowledge to clean all kinds of rugs without damaging them.

Experience is fundamental in the cleaning business, but our professionals use it only as a starting point when doing their job. They stay connected to the latest improvements and development in the cleaning field. Add the skills, dedication, and ambition to achieve the highest standards. You understand how our technicians were able to create impressive protocols for area rug cleaning in Fairfield CA without affecting the structure of colors.

Types of Area Oriental Rugs That We Handle

Here are the types of handmade and machine-made rugs that we will clean at the highest standards:

  • Antique rugs
  • Moroccan rugs
  • Pakistani rugs
  • Silk rugs
  • Dhurrie rugs
  • Oriental rugs
  • Persian oriental rugs
  • Afghani rugs
  • Indian rugs
  • Turkish rugs
Area Oriental Rug Cleaning Services Fairfield CA

Our Comprehensive Services Keep Your Area Rugs Looking Their Best

A full list of area rug cleaning services

We don't just ensure cleaning services for area rugs; we have a very long list of cleaning services that we deliver. Renewing, restoring, or preserving the area rugs are some of the many services we will offer for area rugs. Should you be interested in the professional cleaning services for area rugs, here's what you can choose:

  • Dry cleaning
  • Traditional area rug cleaning
  • Removal of stains and spots
  • Deodorization
  • Organic area cleaning
  • Deep vacuuming
  • Removal of pet stains and odor
  • Protective treatment with Scotchguard
  • We will come and pick up the rug, clean it, and take it back to your house when we've completed the cleaning.
professional area rug cleaning

We will pick up and deliver the rug without charging you extra.

We will come and pick up the rug, clean it, and deliver it back to your place when the cleaning process has ended.

You don't pay fees for us coming to pick-up& deliver your rug.

At Carpet Cleaning Fairfield, we will come and pick up the oriental rug, but you won't have to pay extra for the service, no matter where your house is in our service area. You also get to set the time when we should come pick up the rug and carry it to our cleaning facility.

Oriental rugs can be cumbersome, but you don't have to worry about it. Our team will do everything, from picking up the dirty rug to installing the clean rug back in its place at home.

Our rug cleaning method in detail

Our professionals will utilize the most effective techniques for cleaning your oriental rugs; the unique methods will separate soil, grime, dirt, and particulate matter from your rug's delicate fibers. We only use the most productive techniques, highly appreciated, and recognized in the cleaning field; it's why we have such impressive results.

The technicians at Carpet Cleaning Fairfield will follow a specific order of steps for the cleaning protocol:

Initial examination

It all starts with a thorough examination of your rug from our professionals. They need to take this first step to make an accurate image of the cleaning process. They will find all spots, characteristics that may affect the cleaning protocol, with high consideration to the material your rug is made from. They want to clean your rug without damaging its structure, appearance, or colors in any way.

Deep dusting

The protocol continues with deep dusting with automated dusting equipment. We aim to break up and remove the deeply set debris or dirt that has deposited in the rug over the years with this step.

Pre-treatment and pre-cleaning

The cleaning protocol will continue with our technicians using a proprietary treatment for removing any stain from your oriental rug's fibers. We will also manage the deeply soiled areas and areas from high traffic with a pre-cleaning procedure throughout this phase.

Rug cleaning and agitation

We will use a unique solution for breaking out the grime and soil. The solution is made with hot water and has proprietary ingredients. The agitation process will make dirt, grime, and soil easily fall from the rug's fibers when we're done.

Water and soil extraction

We will later use a powerful extractor for collecting the soil, water, and cleaning solution residues. This phase will also let us run a deep cleaning of both sides of your rug. The step also eliminates the excess water, hurrying up the drying process.

Attentive grooming

We will use only the best equipment for carefully grooming the rug for the best appearance when the drying is complete.

Climate-controlled drying

Our modern establishment also includes a climate-controlled drying chamber, which will remove moisture faster. It will take less than a day for your rug to completely dry.

Final examination and delivery

The cleaning protocol only after our technicians take one final and through a look at your clean rug. They will only deliver your rug after they're also satisfied with the results. Our professionals will carefully pack the rug and return it for professional installation when it gets to your house.

Our modern rug cleaning facility

Our professionals only use the most modern and effective equipment and supplies for cleaning your rugs at our modern cleaning building in Fairfield, CA. The facility is equipped with the latest tools, supplies, and equipment to reach the highest standards in rug cleaning.

You don't pay extra for pick-up and delivery.

At Carpet Cleaning Fairfield, we will come and take the valuable rug, delivering it back only after the whole cleaning process is done. We will do it for free, as we care deeply for our customers.

Moreover, our technicians will come for initial observation at the time at your convenience. After you permit them, they will come, pack, clean, and return your freshly clean rug.

What should happen throughout the rug cleaning service meeting

Once you've decided when our team can come for observation, they will come and inspect the rug. Our technicians will make an apparent image of how the cleaning process should develop and give you the details about the protocol. They will also get the rug ready for transportation. When the rug arrives at our cleaning facility, all the cleaning protocol's mentioned steps will take place. When the protocol is completed, our specialists will inspect the rug once more and deliver it if they're happy with the results. Should you notice something less than impressive, our professionals will be there for help.

We always aim to accomplish the highest rug cleaning standards, so we're still ready to manage fragile, handmade, and antique area rugs. It's you to decide when we should come and make your rugs look incredible again.

Just give us a call and set up a meeting for our technicians to handle all your carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and rug cleaning needs. They will take it from there!

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